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Victoria Photo Lab

Bring Memories on Canvas

Premium Quality Canvas Prints Shipped To Your Doorstep!

Using the right type of canvas is essential for getting that premium photo finish and long-lasting results. That is why at Victoria Photo Lab we use only the finest quality museum-standard canvases that are all made right here in Canada. By personalizing each canvas according to your specifications you end up with amazing wall art that is an inexpensive way to brighten up any blank wall or shelf space. With our custom sizes, limitless customizable options, and quick turnaround time you can have the canvas prints that you have always wanted, delivered right to your door, no matter where you live in Canada.

To Sum Up
We Do It All !

The easiest way to get your favourite photo or artwork printed on canvas is to order through us! This is because we are experts at what we do and only rely upon you sending us the image you want to have printed on canvas. That’s all! We take care of everything else! This includes – finding the best acid-free canvas paper to print on, enhancing colour and/or brightness, sharpening the image and even adding touchups and text if needed to give it that added oomph and pop! Next, we take your newly printed canvas photo and hand stretch it over a premium-quality Canadian-sourced ashwood or metal frame for that added gallery appeal. The entire process, from inception to completion, is done right here in Victoria, BC, and then carefully shipped off to the provided address.

Thin Wooden Frame - VancouverPhotoLab
Ultra-Slim Wooden Chassis

1.15” (2.9 CM)

At Victoria Photo Lab we offer two canvas frame options to suit your preferred taste or style. Our ultra-slim canvas frames are handmade with premium spruce wood sourced right here in the forest of British Columbia and are just ¾ of an inch thick. The stretcher bar construction makes these frames ultra-light while still being extremely strong and durable. This frame is perfect for standard-size canvas prints.

Thick Wooden Frame - VancouverPhotoLab
Extra-Sturdy Wooden Construction

1.50” (4.4 CM)

Have something bigger and better in mind. Don’t worry we have you covered for that as well. Those looking for an extra-large or full-wall canvas print will require a frame that is a lot more robust and durable to handle the extra weight. Our solid oak wood frames are constructed just for that purpose and what’s more look extremely luxurious – all while amplifying the image in question.

Metal & Wood Framing Options Available

Certain images look even better when complimented by a beautifully constructed metal or wooden frame. In fact, we strongly recommend choosing our wooden frames for landscape, country, and nature shots. Our wooden frames add to that rustic and homely appeal by covering the edges of your canvas with beautifully crafted Canadian wood. On the other hand, if you prefer modern architectural portraits or futuristic or abstract designs, nothing beats having a minimalist metallic frame to accentuate the image and give it that sleek and polished finish.

family album
family album
Customized Edge Finishes

It is not just the prints and the frames we customize. The choice of edge finish is equally important for those that want a frameless canvas that looks just as stunning hung up on a wall. With three exclusive options to choose from find out which one is best for your wall decor by getting in touch with one of our experts or simply picking one of the following options during checkout.

Standard: The most popular and common choice of edge finish is the standard option that stretches and wraps the canvas print over the wood chassis. This offers a gallery wrap finish with the canvas pulled down along the sides of the frame. This option is best suited for prints that have little to no detail around the edges with the central image being of key focus.

Mirrored:  Having a mirrored edge is ideal for images that have plenty of detail throughout. With a mirrored edge details can be added even along the edges of the canvas to give the impression of a print that is almost melting past the edges and into the very wall that it is being hung from!

Colored (White/Black): To bring the central image even more in focus have a white or black colored border edge. The solid-colored edges give the impression that the canvas is framed even though it isn’t. This is a good idea if you don’t want to overstretch an image while still keeping that gallery wrap finish.

family album
wedding album
custom photo album
Photo Book

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