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Victoria Photo Lab

Large Format Prints

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Fine Printing for Photographers. Illustrators. Artists.

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At Victoria Photo Lab all our fine art printing is done using the finest Epson products and materials. We offer a range of fine art printing options including; Photo Rag® Baryta, Photo Rag® Metallic, Moab Lasal Photo Matte, and the Epson Exhibition Canvas. Select one that is best suited to your needs and let us take care of the rest!

Photo Rag® Baryta

A Paper That Is Adored By Artists The World-Over

If you are seeking a photo paper that was built for fine art applications, the Hahnemühle Photo Rag® Baryta is your top choice. This special cotton fibre paper has an all-natural cozy white colour with no artificial optical brighteners. The paper also has a delicate and soft surface texture that gives printed images that touch of artistic flair and unmatched colour depth.

Photo Rag® Metallic​ Baryta - VancouverPhotoLab

Photo Rag® Metallic

A Professional Photographer's Go-To Photo Paper

Just like the Baryta the Hahnemühle Photo Rag® Metallic is a pure cotton fibre paper that has no artificial optical brighteners or bleaching agents. However, what differentiates this paper from the Baryta is its characteristic silver metallic sheen that draws you into the finer details of any picture.

The silver sheen is a result of a proprietary inkjet coating that provides a glossy and metallic finish. This is the ideal photo paper choice for black-and-white images, landscapes, portraits, and architectural shots.

Fine Art Prints - Large Format Printing - Photo Canvas Printing - Vancouver Photo Lab

Moab Lasal Photo Matte

A Digital Artist’s Best Friend

Not all images are meant to look glossy and bright. Some images require a photo paper that gets rid of any unwanted reflections and offers clear distinctions between dark and light colours and backgrounds. This is where the Moab Lasal Photo Matte Paper is at its best as it works brilliantly with highly saturated images. 

This 230gsm smooth white paper is ideal for digital art presented in exhibitions and shows. It is, however, not recommended for archival use.

Epson Exhibition Canvas - VancouverPhotoLab

Epson Display Canvas

For Images That Tell A Story!

If you want a photo to be displayed as artwork get it printed on an Epson Display Canvas. These premium quality canvases offer a surface texture and weave that no other photo paper can give, producing a unique three-dimensional effect with lots of colour depth and detail.

At Victoria Photo Lab all our Epson canvas prints are stretched over a 1.75″ Canadian ashwood frame ready to be hung up on a wall. We also add a protective coating for UV and moisture resistance for long-lasting results. Epson Display Canvases are available in both a matte and gloss finish.

When it comes to Fine Art Printing no one does it better than Victoria Photo Lab. Using our premium selection of photo papers, canvases, and aluminum panels, illustrators, photographers, visual artists, and art lovers can all have their most prized images displayed in the most awe-inspiring manner possible. Get in touch with us today to learn more!