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Victoria Photo Lab

METAL prints

Preserve your photo memories on our Aluminum Metal Prints

100% “Love it” guarantee for life!

Your Treasured Photos Infused On Premium-Grade Aluminum Panels

Stunning Aluminum Photo Prints

Metal Photo Prints - VancouverPhotoLab

Metal prints make for some of the most durable and sustainable ways to decorate your walls, adding splendour and character to any indoor or outdoor space. At Victoria Photo Lab we use a proprietary dye sublimation process that infuses the ink directly into the hard coating for long-lasting high-resolution prints that add to the dynamics of the photo or digital artwork.

As metal prints are frameless we add a metal holder on the back of our metal prints that make them easy to hang on walls while also providing stability. Our metal prints are also resistant to scratches or fading and are easy to clean.

Frameless-Durable-Metal Photo Prints - VancouverPhotoLab
Why Metal Prints For Wall Decor?

Innovative dye sublimation processes have made it possible to achieve metal prints with detail and resolution that was simply not possible a few years ago. Unlike canvas and paper prints, the ink on metal prints doesn’t fade over time, even when placed in direct sunlight. Premium aluminum panels are also scratch resistant and very easy to clean and maintain.

Here are some other key features that make metal prints ideal for wall decor!

Shapes: Available in circular, square, and octagonal

Sizes: Available in 8, 11, 16 and 20-inch panels

Design & Finish: Frameless aluminum panels coated with a glossy white or black finish

Application: Scratch, fade, fire and water resistant. Ideal for indoor and outdoor use.