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Exquisite Wedding Albums, Photo Books, & Much More - At Victoria Photo Lab!

While digital pictures are great nothing brings back memories quite like a beautifully crafted photo book or wedding album. All your best pictures in one place can take you back in time and relive some of the best moments of your life. Photo books are also an excellent gift-giving idea for special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, family get-togethers, and of course, weddings and baby showers!

Canadian Made Photo Books Wedding Albums

All our products are made right here in Victoria, British Columbia, with all materials sourced locally.

Why is this important? By being local we ensure that all our products meet the highest quality standards and are made with extra attention and care that you simply won’t get with bigger brands that outsource most of their work. Our premium quality is highlighted in features such as hand-stitched bindings that are done using premium quality thicker threads. Our selection of Epson photo papers and high-quality ink also results in photo prints that offer high levels of detail, color depth, sharpness, and a glossy or matte effect. An added protective coating ensures that your photo book or wedding album lasts for many generations to come!

Other Customizable Options

At Victoria Photo Lab we let you be the author of your own photo book or wedding album! By working with us, we allow you the ability to pick and choose where and how you would like your favourite pictures placed. We also let you choose the colour scheme and type of material you want as your cover to help you create your very own dream album!

Acrylic Cover -VancouverPhotoLab
Acrylic Cover

The cover of a photo book or a wedding album is the first thing a person sees and as such needs to be carefully thought out. Acrylic covers offer a modern look that gives the appearance of three-dimensional glass but is much lighter in weight. Acrylic covers are a popular choice if you want something that will make your photo book or album that much more special!

Leather covers have been a timeless cover material option for photo books and wedding albums for close to a century. However, thanks to modern technology we can keep the tradition going by using imitation leather to achieve the same classic good looks and long-lasting durability without harming any animals and at a fraction of the cost.
We offer seven different colour options for our leather covers including white, grey, black, beige, and navy. The other two colour options, baby pink and baby blue are ideal for baby photo books.

Photo Books & Wedding Albums By Victoria Photo Lab

Each album we produce is manufactured in our studio using only the best materials and equipment to meet unmatched levels of quality and perfection.

Lustre Photo Paper Book - VancouverPhotoLab
Premium Lustre

Using lustre photo paper for your wedding prints and portrait shots provides a glossy sheen and finish that makes an image look pristine even decades later. The added coating also protects the image from smudging and scratches.

aluminum printing
0.7mm Ultra Thick

The last thing you want is for your treasured photos to be printed on low-quality photo paper that can easily be crumpled or damaged. Using our ultra-thick 0.7mm lustre photo paper rest assured your images are likely to remain looking like new for generations to come! 

Faux leather Photo Album Book - VancouverPhotoLab
Faux Leather

We use faux artificial leather or acrylic covers for all our wedding albums and photo books. With plenty of customizable options, we work with you to create a cover that looks amazing and personalized just for you!

What To Expect In Terms Of Cost?

Pricing is largely based on the number of pages you want for your wedding album or photo book. The total number of pages in a book is referred to as its “spread”. We offer spreads of 10, 16, 20, and 24 with the 10 spread option being the most cost-effective option and the 24 spread being the most expensive.

10 Spreads


16 Spreads


20 Spreads


24 Spread


Our Proprietary Software Makes Album Building Fun!

Using our software and the invaluable advice of our team of experts you can build an album or photo book using our software in a matter of minutes. Using our premium design templates simply drag and drop the pictures you want where you want them. Once you are done, leave the rest to us! We will design the album exactly how you intended, adding only our professional touches if needed.

  • Premium Faux Leather

    We want your photo story to be one that you
    revisit again and again. That’s why the bindings of Photo Books are hand-stitched. This attention to detail keeps your book polished and pristine.

    Premium Faux Leather
  • Flat Lay & Panoramic Templates

    When designing your photobook, templates are provided to make overall design easier so that your photos come out looking neat and clean.

    Flat Lay & Panoramic Templates
  • Premium lustre photo paper

    Our albums use premium quality
    photo lustre paper. This paper ensures that your
    photos turn out very sharp, crisp and glossy.

    Premium lustre photo paper